Custom made cakes

How much do they cost?

As each cake is freshly made and custom designed to suit your specific needs, it isn't possible to provide a set price list.  However, as a rough guide, prices start from:

  • $140 for a 6" cake with basic decorations.  
  • $290 for a two tier cake (6" & 8") with basic decorations.
  • $475 for a three tier cake (6", 8" & 10") with basic decorations. 

Prices will then vary based on the size of cakes required and the intricacy of the design.

Items to consider when assessing the value of your cake (as opposed to the price):

  • All cakes are baked from scratch using fresh, quality ingredients.  I do not use any packet mixes.  I use free range eggs, top quality butter and quality couverture chocolate.  There is no skimping on the quality of ingredients to ensure that every bite is indulgent and delicious.
  • Each cake will generally have at three layers of ganache as a filling.
  • Each cake is then covered in a layer of couverture chocolate ganache to seal in freshness and enhance the flavour of your cake.
  • The design will be made to match your event / theme / requirements to make your cake a centrepiece and give it that “wow” factor.
  • Although the size of your cake (e.g. 8” round) may be the same as what you could buy in a cake chain store, the cake I make for you will generally be at least twice the height (e.g. approx. 5” high).  This provides you with more cake per slice.
  • Each cake is made fresh to order (I do not freeze cakes) and layered and covered with couverture ganache before being covered in fondant and custom decorated. That sort of work takes time and as they say, “time is money”.

How much cake do I need?

How much cake you will need will differ depending on how you plan to serve it.  It is quite common now to serve a wedding cake as a dessert.  Some people still prefer to serve it with coffee or as a take home portion.  

I’ve included a table below as a rough guide to the number of portions you can get from each cake.  Keep in mind that final number of serves will depend on who is cutting your cake.  A professional caterer can generally get more slices out of a cake. 

Is there such a thing as too much cake?

Size guide to come....


The fine print

How do I order one of your cakes?

Get in contact with me for a customised quote.  Once we've finalised the details (size, flavours, design and price) I will send through a personalised invoice and order details documents.  A $100 deposit is required to secure your order.  The balance is to be paid in full two weeks prior to your event.  If your event is less than 14 days away the order is required to be paid in full before it is able to proceed.  A booking is not considered confirmed until payment has been received.

How far in advance should I order?

I take bookings 12 months in advance and I would advise booking sooner rather than later.  I hate having to turn people away from already full weeks.  As it's just me making these creations there's a limited amount I can take on at any one time.  Some weeks are busier than others (September is a particularly busy month with weddings and birthdays).  There are times I can take on orders at short notice but you're better off not relying on last minute orders.  A minimum of one month is preferred to allow time for all the necessary planning and ordering that goes into making a custom creation.

Where are you located?

I am based in Griffin in the Moreton Bay Region.  It is close enough to Brisbane that I service the north side of Brisbane as well.

Can we meet you to discuss?

Consultations are by appointment only.  Please contact me to discuss a mutually agreed time.  That said, it's generally not necessary to discuss in person all the necessary details.  Email is more than sufficient 99% of the time.  That way we both have everything agreed in writing and we can both respond at times that suit.

Do you deliver?

I sure do, but as with anything in life, it's not for free.  Prices for delivery will vary depending on the distance needed to travel and the time required for cake delivery and setup.  If you require delivery I can include a quote for you when we discuss the cake details.  Pick up is available however, once a cake leaves my hands I assume no responsibility for the condition it arrives to its venue in.  When picking up your own cake I always recommend that the cake is placed into the boot of the car on a flat surface.  I am able to provide non-slip matting if required.  My cakes are structured securely enough to withstand driving (carefully) and I haven't had a cake fall over yet.

Fresh flowers are very popular; can I use my own?

I strongly advise against placing your own fresh flowers into a cake for food safety reasons.  Some flowers are not only toxic to humans, they're not particularly clean when being used near food.  Fresh flowers can be used however they must be wired and taped before being inserted into a cake pick or straw.  Flowers must never be inserted directly into your cake.  Emma J's Cakes assumes no responsibility for the condition of your cake if this is not adhered to.

Do you cater for allergies?

I have certain recipes that are either allergen free or can be adapted with substitutes.  However, as they are all being made in the same kitchen using the same equipment I cannot guarantee that there are no traces of any allergens in the cake you order. 





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