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Every cake that leaves my kitchen is prepared not only with the finest ingredients and attention to detail but with the love that every creative soul pours into their work. 

Emma J's Cakes will cease trading on Thursday 20th December 2018.  

No further orders will be taken for dates after this date.  Thank you for your interest over the years!

Emma J x

About Us

Based in Griffin, just north of Brisbane, I (Emma J) love making custom cakes for my customers.  I use top quality ingredients and tried and tested recipes that ensure you have not only a gorgeous looking cake, but a deliciously tasting one as well.

I've always enjoyed baking, ever since I was a kid, and the baking side morphed into the decorating about 12 years ago.  After decorating more and more for friends and family I decided to turn the hobby into a business and Emma J's Cakes was born.  

I've been making custom cakes since 2012 and I'm looking forward to making many more into the future.  Get in contact if you want more info on a custom cake for your next special event.

Wedding cakes

Whether you're looking for a wedding cake that is a bit out of the norm, simple and rustic, classically white, or something with a hidden twist, I can help you out.  I love designing cakes with the happy couple to ensure it's a reflection of your wishes for your special day.

I can talk you through all the "cakey" details to ensure you understand what it is you're getting.

Hint: ignore any advice you receive about not mentioning it's for a wedding to avoid any "wedding tax" price increases.  Cakes are priced individually depending on their level of difficulty/time, not on the event they're being served at.  Definitely mention it's for your wedding so I can help you celebrate the momentous occasion!

Our Flavour Range

We have many flavours to choose from, all of which are guaranteed to make your mouth water.  From luscious chocolate mud cakes to deliciously light coconut cake and everything in between there is bound to be something that takes your fancy.  All pictures below are currently stock images


This is my most requested flavour. Moist, dense chocolate mud cake with a hint of coffee to enhance that chocolatey taste.


A lighter option to a mud cake this beautifully moist chocolate cake is a winner with the kids and the adults too!


Not just for the older generation, this classic favourite is packed to the brim with dried fruit, cherries and almonds (all soaked in brandy for that extra kick).  This recipe has even been known to convert non fruit cake lovers. (Surcharge applies)


This delicious cake is made using freshly grated carrot, delicious spices and yummy walnuts to provide a lovely, moist alternative to mud cakes


Using ripe bananas this delicious cake is sure to be a winner.


A caramel lovers' dream.  This pairs beautifully with the white chocolate ganache or even a salted caramel swiss meringue buttercream.


A light and dreamy cake which pairs beautifully with a citrus and white chocolate ganache


Dark chocolate and white chocolate mud cakes swirled together for a ripple effect.  For those times you just can’t decide which flavour to go for.


The traditional butter cake.  This can be either vanilla or chocolate and can be paired with a flavoured ganache to give it a bit of a twist.


A delightful, dark cake with heaps of flavour.  Pair it with a salted caramel swiss meringue buttercream for a taste explosion


This dairy and gluten free recipe yields a lovely zesty flavour.
Note: Although the recipe is dairy / gluten free I am unable to guarantee that there are no traces of dairy / gluten in the finished product due to utensils and equipment not being used exclusively for dairy/gluten free cakes

Cookies & Cupcakes

Are cookies or cupcakes more your style? Do you want to have individual serves to hand out to avoid the mess that can come with cutting a cake?  I can help with those too.  From simple cupcakes with buttercream swirls to custom made cookies to compliment your theme I can make them all.


Cookie flavours include vanilla bean, gingerbread, and chocolate.  Toppings can be fondant or royal icing depending on your preference and the design required.  Cookies start at $3.00 each (minimums apply).  Prices will vary based on design.


Cupcake flavours include chocolate, vanilla bean, citrus and poppyseed, coconut, caramel, raspberry and vanilla, blueberry and strawberry.  Cupcakes start at $4.50 each with a luscious swiss meringue buttercream swirl (minimums apply).  Prices will vary based on design.

Recent Gallery

Below are some examples of my recent work to inspire you and get you excited about your own custom creation.

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